Actively participate in the "Golden Autumn Love and Aid" activity in 2018

Column:Company News Time:2018-08-17
On August 10, the United Front of Lishui District held the 2018 Golden Autumn Caring Student Aid Ceremony and Special Development Zone Activity

      On August 10, the United Front of Lishui District held the 2018 Golden Autumn Love Aid Activities Launching Ceremony and Special Activities in the Development Zone. Xia Yun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Lishui District Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone, Standing Committee of the District Committee, Minister of the Propaganda Department, and Minister of the United Front Work Department Wang Kequan, director of the district committee office, attended the event, issued a total of 289,000 yuan for 120 students in the development zone, and awarded the "Golden Autumn Student Honor Unit" certificate to the loving enterprise. Our company actively participates in charity donation activities and donates charity grants to poor students.    

  At the event site, the representatives of the assisted students thanked the party government for their care and condolences, and expressed gratitude to the caring enterprises for their generosity and selflessness. Inspirational will continue to work hard and be diligent, think hard, live up to the trust and hope of the society, realize self-worth and serve the society Development contributes its own strength.

  Wang Kequan said that the Jinqiu student assistance activity is a good thing for social harmony, and fully reflects the social responsibility of the non-public economic people in the district, which takes "justice and benefit into consideration, giving priority to righteousness" and a social image of responsibility, faithfulness, and dedication. It is hoped that the students present will cherish the hard-won learning opportunities, have lofty ambitions, study hard, and strive to grow into useful talents.

  In the future, our company will continue to pay attention to charity and charity activities such as targeted poverty alleviation, caring for students, and help poor people, take the initiative to assume social responsibilities, and promote the formation of a good fashion for poverty alleviation in the whole society. "High" Xin Lishui made active contributions.